Les Twins avec Gotan Project!!

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J’ai vu Les Twins l’anée passée. I love their creative use of sand in this video- simple and sensual 🙂

These Streets…

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…don’t love you like I do-  You need to know that. You want to keep your woman loving you, then you need to show that ❤




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Talk about a long break. Even though I came back a while ago, my spirit is still in Hawaii 🙂

Ho! You so stubborn just like one poi pounda! Shoots den, I’ll check you out lata cuz I need to hele-on wit da kine so I can be pau hana.

Mutiara Boutique – Theo and Anna

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Cute boutique on the Big Island! The owner is awesome. This is what we do in between monitoring native plants and surveying locals- fashion photoshoots and going on epic adventures.

Aerial fabrics and other fun shots

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Photoshop Evolution

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Thank you to Kenneth Chan for helping me take this project in a new direction (the bottom series) and to Patrick and Irene and James and Brish 🙂

AND we got a Gorilla tripod for this summer!!! Soooo cool.

blue eye

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Irene – Belly Dance Photoshoot!

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You are missed!

Naija Na’vi

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lol, my friend as an Avatar…